Small Steps for a Better Future

Our Commitment to Protecting the World

Plan a wonderful journey, where sustainable living meets modern comforts. From biodegradable items to local sourcing, and waste management, experience unforgettable moments that make a positive impact

No Poverty

Conscious Room Retreat

Contemporary and relaxing, our guest rooms and suites have been thoughtfully designed to nurture you and the planet with environmentally-friendly amenities:

• Biodegradable dry products and refillable stone-powder dispensers reduce single-use plastic waste
• Doi Chang's ethical coffee capsules supporting local producers

No Poverty

Eco-Friendly Dining Delights

Savour the flavors of sustainability in our restaurants, where we combine farm-to-table practices, local sourcing, and eco-conscious dining approaches:

• Support local producers through meticulous ingredient sourcing, fostering meaningful relationships and contributing to the community well-being
• Embrace the farm-to-table movement with our own kitchen gardens for zero-mile freshness
• Biodegradable waste management transforms kitchen waste into fertiliser to reduce waste and for a greener tomorrow
• Upcycling food safely and creatively to transform surplus ingredients into delightful dishes ensuring that no food goes to waste

No Poverty

Conscious Stay Innovations

We've bid farewell to harmful materials and embraced eco-friendly alternatives and facilities for guilt-free indulgence:

• EV charging stations for modern and environmentally friendly travel options
• Takeaway containers, paper bags, glass bottles, and paper straws
• Preference for recycled paper and digital menus to reduce paper waste

No Poverty

Sustainable Allies Unite

We believe in walking the talk, and that's why we partner with like-minded vendors, such as ECOLAB and IHC Hospitality Solutions. Our partners share our commitment to ethics, sustainability philosophy, and have unwavering dedication to food safety, health, and hygiene. Together, we create a network of conscious suppliers, ensuring that every aspect of your stay aligns with your values.

No Poverty

Empowered Eco Team

Our dedication to sustainability begins with our team. Through comprehensive staff training, we cultivate a culture of sustainability and foster a sense of ownership. Every team member is united by a shared passion for the environment, ensuring that our commitment to conscious living reflects in every aspect of your stay.

No Poverty

Community Support Heroes

Make a positive difference with us in a range of neighbourhood support initiatives, creating a lasting impact with every stay:

• Offering eco-friendly bags and clothes to donate money to the Dream Come True charity, educating underprivileged children in Ubon Ratchathani
• Donating unused linen to charitable organizations or selling them for repurposes
• Hosting fun run events to raise funds for charity programmes and create awareness about well-being